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DysphagiaPlus is your online store for dysphagia supplies, speech pathology tools and educational materials. We provide products for patients and professionals alike. Our goal is to be your resource for all tools and supplies pertaining to the treatment of Dysphagia, Aphasia, Cognitive Rehab, Autism, Stuttering, and any other Speech Therapy and Communication Disorders. If you or someone in your care has difficulty swallowing review our educational books, DVD's, charts and tools to learn more about the many wonderful products that are available to help.

Featured Items

  • Whisperphone
  • Chewy Tubes
  • The Breather
  • Treating Eating Problems of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Feel and Find
  • Follow The Swallow A Motion Flipbook
  • Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment
  • Language Activity Resource Kit
  • Left Visual Inattention Workbook
  • Vidatak EZ Picture Board
  • Sip-A-Mug, Clear
  • Digital Sound Level Meter

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